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VR Girl Prototype is an experimental experience in-which the main focus was to create a semi realistic interactable character.

This is a very short experience, no voice lines, no story and so fourth. While you can stay in the experience for as long as you'd like there's no goal.

What you see in the videos and screenshots is the content you receive.

The concept of this project originated when I was working on another VR physics game where the scope was large and I needed a smaller scope to focus on certain elements.

This game does not contain nudity.

The game was tested and produced using a Oculus Quest 2. It has not tested on other headsets.

This application uses Unity along with the HDRP Pipeline.

  • Interactable Character.
  • GUI for changing aspects of the experience.
    • Lighting
    • Character
      • Appearance
      • Controllable
    • Graphics (Basic Options)

  • PC Compatible VR Headset (This won't work on the Oculus Quest 2 standalone).
  • High-end PC (The application is GPU demanding).
  • SteamVR.

If you're not getting good performance remember to tone done your headset resolution in SteamVR settings and the Resolution Scaler setting. The application is very demanding depending on your settings in-game and outside the game it can have a big impact.

  • You can grab and interact with props and models using the control triggers.
  • Opening the menu requires the user to press and hold down the analog stick on the right controller. This will bring up a wheel menu at the right controllers location. Selecting an option can be done by moving the right controller towards an option on the wheel menu (Think of how Half-Life: Alyx weapon selection works). Selecting the top option opens the GUI interaction menu allowing the user to change aspects of the experience.
  • Interacting with the GUI requires the user to point either controller at the panel which will reveal a line with a dot showing the current selection area. Using the triggers on the controllers allow interaction with the panels.


Buy Now$4.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4 USD. You will get access to the following files:

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Version 5

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